1. I am in the mood

    to inflict great amounts of pain on

    • small animals
    • little children
    • those masterminds who smeared that mysterious white secretion on my elevator buttons for the last two days (which i’ve no way to find out who they are unless I hide at the lift landing)
    • incessantly chatty teenagers who think hunger games is a good movie
    • my cellphone which has been slow and unresponsive, delaying my fast paced city life.

    (In no chronological order which is why I used bullets instead of numbering. However, if I were to use numbering, those bastards behind the white secretion would get it first.)

    1. satellitenotes said: guess who thinks hunger games is a great movie? SUCK IT!
    2. twenty-tree said: Eww…you actually smelt that shit?
    3. practicalfriday posted this

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